About the Bluenote

This site is devoted to The Bluenote Club, 6a Gore Street, Manchester. Don’t bother looking for it now – its heyday was between 1967 and 1969 and  is now a car park on the opposite side of the road to the Malmaison Hotel. In the picture below, it was housed in the building with the awning, nestled between the Wardolf Hotel and Williams and Deacons bank. On the adjacent street you can make out the blood bank, appropriately sited, just off Gore Street… Just walking along the street today brings back memories of times gone by, scrapes avoided by the skin of my teeth, girlfriends never forgotten and most of all, The MUSIC!

Thanks Debbie and John Fogel for mad times in the sixties the memories of which just get stronger as the years go by.

Gore Street Manchester circa 1963. The building that went on to house the Blue Note has an awning and is between the Waldorf and Williams and Deacons bank

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  1. Berny Roberts from Stockport. Went to the blue note in between doing the wheel. This site is brilliant and the sounds have brought it all back. There were some of us from Stockport who went namely Jimmy Smith, Terru Flood, Fred Dale. Phil Neilson (nelly) think Rob Davies went, a guys called Mavs, and my memory has gone it was a long time ago,

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