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Club Members

We are trying to compile a list of as many people who visited the club or were members. If you have any others, please contact us through the Contact section. People who went to or visited the Blue Note:
  • Dave Phillips
  • Bob Cummings
  • David Lomas – DJ – Rubberlegs – probably the best soul dancer in Manchester at the time (now deceased)
  • Paul Roman
  • Tony Owens (drummer, Famous Watson Browne Band)
  • Leicester Montrose (singer)
  • Les Lee – DJ
  • Denise Ireland
  • Jean Ireland
  • Lawrence Werner
  • Mike Ashdown
  • Gilda Nevitt
  • Heather Miski
  • Jed? Drove the van for the Famous Watson Browne Band
  • Joan – cloakroom
  • Margery Brown
  • Mike the doorman
  • Mike’s brother, Paddy
  • Alan Totto – the boxer
  • Phyllis Stewart
  • Vivienne – John Fogel’s girlfriend
  • Pat Dempsey
  • Rob Barlow
  • Shirley Brown
  • Mike Brown
  • Sammy Brown
  • Alan Levy
  • Sandra Brown
  • Mike Cooney
  • Barry Holland
  • Julie Jawando
  • George Konig
  • Marie Tarpey
  • Berny Roberts
  •  Jimmy Smith
  • Terry Flood
  • Rob Davies
  • Ian Mathers (Mav)
  • Fred Dale
  • Phil Nielson (Nelly)
  • Gina Gregory
  • Chris Bean
  • Gemma Tinker
  • Syd Wolfe – demolition expert
  • Monica ? – from Moss Side
  • Mike Zule
  • Ian ‘Aker’ Wilkinson
  • Dave ‘Edders’ Edwards
  • Derek Croft
  • Jimmy Riddle from Stockport
  • Jeanette ? – from Revine Avenue Moston
  • Ann Rufai
  • Brian Sarge
  • Leroy Smith
  • Carl Green
  • Carol(?) – male
  • the guys in the band the Exits who had a car crash
  • Dave Jawando
  • Stan Finney
  • Phyllis and Sonia Williams
  • Gilly?
  • Billy Marble
  • Paul Mullins
  • Ray Turner
  • Tony Perrera
  • Lynn Brooks
  • Paul Udo
  • Little Junior
  • Manny
  • Ken Morgan
  • Neville Rose
  • Tunji (Terry) Thomas

16 thoughts on “Blue Note Club – members”

  1. Berny from Stockport Went to the blue note in late 60’s in between wheel and other clubs. From Stockport and went with Jimmy Smith think Rob Davies went and Terry Flood Mavs (Ian Mathers) Fred Dale, Phil Nielson (Nelly)and some other guys who went to the Tabernacle club in Stockport. Good site this the tunes bring it all back.

    • Berny

      Thanks for the comments. I am sure many people walk past the car park which is all that remains and remember the good times spent in a crowded cellar. At least we can still pop in the Waldorf! What price a blue plaque?

  2. I still have my club card from 1968. I used to go with my brother Steve who DJ’d at some of the all-nighters. I remember meeting the Watson Browne bands members. Les James was my brothers friend and used to come to our house in Cheadle Hulme. I used to go to the Tabernacle, The Sinking Ship and Sgt Peppers in Stockport, The Bamboo Club in Hazel Grove and other clubs in Wilmslow. I have all my membership cards. I really enjoyed the time I spent in The Blue Note even when I was sweeping the floor on a Sunday morning.

    • Penny

      Thanks for this! If you have any photos or scans of your Bluenote card these would be most welcome. If you used to sweep the floors, maybe you knew some of the other staff? All this is such a long time ago and if you can correct any of my recollections, please feel free!


      • Hi Bob
        I think I sent you all the old club cards I had, including The Blue Note.
        If you can’t find them let me know where to send them.

  3. I visited the club regularly with my friends Diane Creighton and Chris Haughton. Diane was going out with Ray Heslop (who I seem to remember played for Stockport County). I remember quite a few people on the list of members. Tried to find the contact section to add my name to the list but can’t find it!

    • Gina

      Please give me your full name and I will add you to the Blue Note Members list. Is Gina short for Georgina? and do you know Dave Phillips?


      Bob Cummings –

      • Hello Bob
        My name is Georgina but people would have known me as Gina. I have been in contact with Dave Phillips recently and plan to meet up with him soon. Am trying to carry out a bit of research on Manchester’s soul scene during the 1960s. If any past Blue Note members would like to take part they are welcome to contact me.

        • Gina

          Thanks for the comment. I would like to tag along with Dave when you meet – I may be able to add useful additional info.


        • Hi Gina, I used to go to the note back in the day. I’m interested in your research if you want to get in touch. Helen (Johnson)

  4. Hi Penny,
    I was so sad to find out that Les James had passed.
    I remember both you and Steve (Zodini Soul Syndicate) along with Graham Porter, John Wales Jackson, Paul Bamford, Kenny Kerwin and a load of others.
    Seems a life time ago but the music was the best.
    Still in Manchester.
    Best regards
    David Hallam

    • Hi Dave

      I remember you, too. Nice to hear you’re still around. I lived in Manchester until I finished college but by then the club had disappeared. Shame as I have happy memories of dancing the night away there. Haven’t been to Manchester for many years. Been living in Spain since ’76.

  5. Hi, Im Paul the sax player in the Famous Watson Brown Band, lots of good memories from that time, lots of stories about the band. I would love to meet ex band members and anyone I met at the time. Lots of love to all. XXX

  6. Fascinating reading about the club. I was a regular between ’68 -’70. I also worked behind the unlicensed bar for a time in ’69. One of my abiding memories is sweeping up after the all nighters, and a familiar smell would fill the air having been disturbed from the carpets. Still have a lot of the records listed. Although it seems a world away now, I have a daily reminder of the club, ‘cos I met my wife there. Married in 1970 we are still together, 45 years later.
    Does any body remember “the gay Dolphins” I think it’s called the picadilly now. The pavement resembled a chemists shop when the crowd dispersed to the “Wheel” and “Note”
    After the all nighter most of us would make our way up to the “Top Twenty” club for the Sunday all dayer somewhere in northern Manchester.
    Little aside, there was a parking meter just outside the entrance that if you gave it a tap, would rewind. Unfortunately we didn’t have a car back then. But used to cast an envious eye over John’s blue Alvis.
    Thank you for all your research and the memories.
    Keep the faith.

  7. Cheers Terry I will add your name to the members list. If you have any memories of the DJs you saw, please let us know. If you were going in 68 we may have passed in the night. I remember the parking meter well, as a friend of mine, Mike Ashdown used to regularly have a boxing match with it after coming out with his catch phrase at the time (in thick Irish accent): “Would it be trouble you’re after starting?” – don’t ask me why – he just did. Thanks for getting in touch.

    Bob Cummings

  8. I used to go to the Blue Note with my friend Doreen. I loved it, the music, the atmosphere, the dancing all night. I remember the band The Exits who sadly had a bad crash. The Twisted a Wheel gets lots of publicity still but I preferred The Blue Note. Helen (Johnson)

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