Dave Phillips

The DJ Dave Phillips was the most long serving and enthusiastic of the Blue Note DJs. He is still going and appeared recently (2014) on Absolute Radio Soul where he was interviewed at length about the  Blue Note (and not the Blue Nile as incorrectly stated by the presenter, an entirely different club, situated in … Read more

Dave Lomas

Dave would now and again insist upon playing records at the Blue Note that he knew would clear the dance-floor here is one story – DL and The Rivingtons I first knew Dave Lomas as a regular at the Twisted Wheel. Today he would probably be known as a nerd with his short hair and … Read more

Les Lee

Les Lee was the second DJ I remember at the Blue Note. I had seen him before, mainly at the Twisted Wheel where he was a familiar figure on a Friday and occasionally at the Saturday all-nighters. He was mainly known for accompanying Bob who was a builder (honestly), widely recognised by any of the … Read more

Roger Eagle

The first DJ at the Blue Note was Roger Eagle way back in 1966.  I first came across him at the Twisted Wheel where he edited a magazine, R&B Scene, as well as lining up the tracks. In all the time I heard him, I can’t remember a thing he said on the mike. He … Read more